Japanese Tools

Our love for Japanese tools is deeply intertwined with why we founded The Floral Society. Our goal is to demystify floral arranging, to encourage people to dive in and experiment with flowers. Tool...
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TFS Tips: Single-Flower Bouquets

If planning a wedding is anything but simple, your bouquet can be. Straightforward and restrained, we love the less-is-more approach of a single-flower bouquet. Whether your overall aesthetic is mi...
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Candle Burning Tips

Everything you need to know to get that smokeless, drip-free candlelit glow.  Taper Candle 101 For a smokeless, drip-free burn: 1. Trim wick to 1/4" 2. Place snugly in a taper holder 3. Burn...
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TFS Tips: Planning Your Best Garden Yet

Every gardening endeavor takes a bit of trial and error. Every wilted leaf has a lesson. Every unproductive plot yields tips for next season. Our team rounded up some recent learnings from their g...
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TFS Guide: The Best of Spring Flowers

AVANT GARDE TULIP   Spring flowers really are magical. Their subtle, tonal hues – dusty mauves and palest yellows – are like the best palette of highly custom, fancy paints. There’s a sophisticatio...
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Inside Our Studio

photo: heather waraksa   Welcome to Dobbs Ferry, New York: the heart and home of The Floral Society. Our studio is where it all happens! Where new products are developed, where plants are watered ...
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Garden-Party Essential: Outdoor Incense

As seen in The Wall Street Journal: “Bring instant atmosphere and more sophisticated fragrances to the party.” — CATHERINE DASH Our new Outdoor Incense sticks are here to bring atmosphere to your...
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A Flower Crown Afternoon

The TFS team celebrated spring’s arrival in our most favorite way – by taking the afternoon off and playing with flowers. Together we crafted flower crowns, each one unique and beautiful. From Shak...
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