TFS Tips: Single-Flower Bouquets

If planning a wedding is anything but simple, your bouquet can be. Straightforward and restrained, we love the less-is-more approach of a single-flower bouquet. Whether your overall aesthetic is mi...
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Candle Burning Tips

Everything you need to know to get that smokeless, drip-free candlelit glow.  Taper Candle 101 For a smokeless, drip-free burn: 1. Trim wick to 1/4" 2. Place snugly in a taper holder 3. Burn...
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TFS Tips: Planning Your Best Garden Yet

Every gardening endeavor takes a bit of trial and error. Every wilted leaf has a lesson. Every unproductive plot yields tips for next season. Our team rounded up some recent learnings from their g...
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TFS Guide: The Best of Spring Flowers

AVANT GARDE TULIP   Spring flowers really are magical. Their subtle, tonal hues – dusty mauves and palest yellows – are like the best palette of highly custom, fancy paints. There’s a sophisticatio...
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Inside Our Studio

photo: heather waraksa   Welcome to Dobbs Ferry, New York: the heart and home of The Floral Society. Our studio is where it all happens! Where new products are developed, where plants are watered ...
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Garden-Party Essential: Outdoor Incense

As seen in The Wall Street Journal: “Bring instant atmosphere and more sophisticated fragrances to the party.” — CATHERINE DASH Our new Outdoor Incense sticks are here to bring atmosphere to your...
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A Flower Crown Afternoon

The TFS team celebrated spring’s arrival in our most favorite way – by taking the afternoon off and playing with flowers. Together we crafted flower crowns, each one unique and beautiful. From Shak...
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TFS Guide: Starting Seeds

Whether you’re starting a kitchen garden, edible flowers, or herbs, proper seed starting will set you up for success. You can technically start seeds indoors throughout the year, but take a look a...
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