TFS Tips: Indoor Plants

TFS Tips: Indoor Plants

As with flowers, humans do make emotional connections with plants. We have a natural instinct to care for them. When they thrive, we feel proud and honored – and in awe of their beauty.

A rainy afternoon, spent watering the plants in the TFS studio, inspired this post. May these tips help you grow more familiar with the plants you have – or invite a new variety into your home.

The Plants


The Care

Every plant is different and getting to know their preferences is an honor and a joy. Tap through each plant for tending tips:


Asparagus Fern

African Milk Tree

Philodendron Xanadu

Narrow Sword Fern

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Arrowhead Plant

Parallel Peperomia

Banana Leaf

Dragon Tree

Rubber Plant


Share your plants with us @thefloralsociety.


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