A Quick Arrangement for the Soul

A Quick Arrangement for the Soul

I can only go so long without flowers, I’ve realized. When I reached that limit this week, I ordered some blooms from The Floral Reserve. Their arrival was a tangible shift.

Arranging these blooms, I felt focused and grateful. Flowers bring joy and life, beauty and nature into our homes. Even in these overwhelming times, their power is transformative.

I grabbed a few quick snapshots as my arrangement took shape. If you can get your hands on some blooms, click through these images to follow along.

- Sierra

Getting Started : Tools

All of the tools I used are in our Arrangement Workshop.

Step 1 : Base

Tape your floral netting into your vessel with floral tape. I used a flower frog in the bottom, but that’s optional.

Step 2 : Composition

I started the shape of my composition with peach quince, adding hellebores for depth.

Step 3 : Depth

I added peach ranunculus in clusters, continuing to build at various levels.

Step 4 : Pop

A pop of yellow daffodils - clustered to one side for more impact.

Step 5: Delicate

Finish the arrangement with your most delicate detail flower. I used poppies.

Pro tip: If you’re also using poppies, sear the ends of them - rather than cutting. This video will show you how:

Thanks for following along! I hope there are some flowers in your world.

PS. If you want more tutorials, look no further.

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