TFS Tips: Centerpiece Setup

TFS Tips: Centerpiece Setup

It feels so good to spend the afternoon arranging blooms.

When creating an arrangement of this size, proper vase setup is crucial.


Vase Setup 101

This part isn’t glamorous, but so essential! Doing this part right will ensure your blooms last as long as possible and your arrangement stays in place.



Step 1

Start with a clean, dry vessel. Leftover flower debris creates a breeding ground for bacteria, which shortens the lifespan of your flowers, so "clean" is important!

Step 2

Use a generous amount of floral frog putty to adhere the pin frog to the bottom. We use Sure Stik.

Step 3

Create a cylinder or sphere (depending on vase shape) out of TFS floral netting. It's okay if you need to crush it into the vase a little — the pressure against all sides will help keep everything stable.

Step 4

Further stabilize your mechanics by taping it down in a cross with your TFS waterproof tape


A solid foundation makes all the difference. We hope this helps!


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