Style Guide: Floral Arrangements

Style Guide: Floral Arrangements

We love experimenting with approaches to floral design.
Scroll through for a few of our favorites.

Photos by Jen Huang

Style No. 1: IKEBANA

Ikebana is the Japanese art of floral arranging or “making flowers alive.” Often minimal, asymmetrical, and unexpected, these arrangements typically rely on flower frogs and low bowls as bases.

Expert tip: Less is more! Build your arrangement slowly to avoid over-crowding.
Supplies used:
Ceramic Flower Frog Bowl

Style No. 2: Pastoral

Informal and a little wild. These arrangements look like beautiful, naturally-occurring groups. The garden, indoors!

Expert tip: Create texture with a variety of bloom sizes and shapes. For both of these we combined wide, solid petals with delicate, detailed blooms.
Supplies used:
Essential Tools


Style No. 3: Modern

Unexpected combinations, exaggerated lines, and asymmetry. A touch of drama. This style is fun, edgy, and best of all – forgiving! Great for beginners.

Expert tip: Go against the grain when picking blooms. Mix formal roses with herbs and wildflowers.
Supplies used:


Style No. 4: Airy

Negative space counts as much as a bloom with these. Keep the number of flower varieties minimal and let plenty of space remain between stems.

Expert tip: Branches are brilliant at getting stable, elegant height. Try flowering dogwood, as seen above, or cherry blossoms.
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Now, Your Turn

Show us what you create. Tag us on Instagram @thefloralsociety. The most important tip to remember — have fun.

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