Journal — Gardening


TFS Tips: Indoor Plants

As with flowers, humans do make emotional connections with plants. We have a natural instinct to care for them. When they thrive, we feel proud and honored – and in awe of their beauty. A rainy aft...
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TFS Tips: The Natural, Pest-Free Garden

Tips from our team to your garden - organic, effective pest repellents, fertilizers, and more. Pest Deterrents and Fertilizers Crush rinsed, cleaned eggshells. Place them around the base of the...
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Japanese Tools

Our love for Japanese tools is deeply intertwined with why we founded The Floral Society. Our goal is to demystify floral arranging, to encourage people to dive in and experiment with flowers. Tool...
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TFS Tips: Planning Your Best Garden Yet

Every gardening endeavor takes a bit of trial and error. Every wilted leaf has a lesson. Every unproductive plot yields tips for next season. Our team rounded up some recent learnings from their g...
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TFS Guide: Starting Seeds

Whether you’re starting a kitchen garden, edible flowers, or herbs, proper seed starting will set you up for success. You can technically start seeds indoors throughout the year, but take a look a...
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TFS Tips: Growing from Seeds

Grow your own cutting garden and surround yourself with color and texture, all season long. We’ve curated our selection of seeds with our favorites for floral arranging. Want a few pointers on our...
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