Japanese Tools

Japanese Tools

Our love for Japanese tools is deeply intertwined with why we founded The Floral Society. Our goal is to demystify floral arranging, to encourage people to dive in and experiment with flowers. Tools are key to this. As floral designers, we’ve tried every tool out there and seen firsthand how instrumental the right ones can be.

We’ve condensed our own years of trying and testing into a collection of versatile, quality essentials, all made in Japan.

Our floral clippers and floral pin frogs are perfect for precise floral arranging and practicing ikebana.

Japanese craftsmanship is unparalleled in the world of tools. The Japanese tool industry grew out of a long tradition of swordsmithing katana — or close-combat samurai swords. Precision blacksmithing and quality design have created a legacy of durable, reliable tools, from gardening and cooking to floral arranging and woodworking.

For The Floral Society, we’ve collected our core necessities for floral arranging and gardening. We hope these tools bring you hours of enjoyment and creativity.


Our Collection

  1. Hori Hori Knife

    Hori means ‘to dig’ in Japanese, but these nimble and versatile garden knives do that and more. Sometimes referred to as a weeding knife, our Hori Hori Knife is also ideal for digging holes for transplants or bulbs, dividing, and pruning. It is crafted with one serrated edge and one smooth, using Japanese blacksmith heat treatments and techniques.

  2. Garden Pruners

    These razor-sharp and lightweight pruners are a must-have for the home gardener. Perfect for light- to medium-duty pruning, these shears will be your go-to tool for deadheading roses, perennials, and annuals. Use for shaping shrubs, ornamentals, and fruit trees. Excellent for reviving old bouquets with woody stems and foraging branches from the woodland for vase forcing.

  3. Garden Tool Set

    Perfect for small gardening tasks, houseplants, or tending to seedlings. A great size for little green thumbs, too. Both tools are hand-crafted, using Japanese sustainable beech wood for the handles and Japanese stainless steel blacksmith heat treatments and techniques.


    Features hand-sharpened edges for optimal depth and angle for slicing through soil and roots with ease.


    Features hand-formed prongs creating optimal angles to make your weeding and cultivating tasks easy.

  4. Floral Pin Frogs, Smoke and Stainless Steel

    A kenzan, commonly known as a pin frog, is the essential tool used to create Japanese-inspired ikebana floral arrangements and is also the foundation of any architectural arrangement. Ours are sharp and precise, with a sturdy weight and removable, non-slip rubber base.

  5. Floral Clippers

    Our original — one of the first tools we created for TFS. With teflon-coated carbon steel blades and thermoplastic elastomer handles, the ergonomic design remains comfortable in the hand as you work. Ideal for trimming flowers, pruning plants, or cutting herbs and vegetables from the garden. Truly, the only pair you will ever need.


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