A Flower Crown Afternoon

The TFS team celebrated spring’s arrival in our most favorite way – by taking the afternoon off and playing with flowers. Together we crafted flower crowns, each one unique and beautiful. From Shak...
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TFS Guide: Starting Seeds

Whether you’re starting a kitchen garden, edible flowers, or herbs, proper seed starting will set you up for success. You can technically start seeds indoors throughout the year, but take a look a...
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TFS Tips: Indoor Plants Part II

Nothing beats the pure delight of a new houseplant – especially this time of year! We picked up a few new plants for the TFS studio, to keep us going while we count down the days to spring. Scroll...
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TFS Tips: Growing from Seeds

Grow your own cutting garden and surround yourself with color and texture, all season long. We’ve curated our selection of seeds with our favorites for floral arranging. Want a few pointers on our...
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