Garden-Party Essential: Outdoor Incense

Garden-Party Essential: Outdoor Incense

As seen in The Wall Street Journal:

Bring instant atmosphere and more sophisticated fragrances to the party.


Our new Outdoor Incense sticks are here to bring atmosphere to your garden gatherings, be it a weeknight dinner or big event. Keep bugs at bay and get a delicious whiff of natural essential oils as the breeze passes you by.



Essential Oil Outdoor Incense (3 Fragrances)

The finishing touch to bring warmth and atmosphere to your outdoor gathering. Our Outdoor Incense is handcrafted in Connecticut with naturally insect-repellant, therapeutic grade essential oils. Sturdy, punk wood sticks can be placed in a planter, incense holder, or directly into the ground or soil.

Each package includes 20, 19” punk wood sticks, each with over 2-hour burn time.

Tea tree, Lavender, & Neem

An herbaceous and minty blend, to brighten and cleanse.

Lemongrass, Orange, & Clary Sage

An infusion of citrus and sage, to energize and awaken. Wild-crafted lemongrass is harvested from its natural environment.

Sage, Coffee, Cinnamon leaf, & Cedarwood

Warm wood, coffee, and spice, for balance and comfort.


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