TFS Tips: The Five-Minute Tablescape

TFS Tips: The Five-Minute Tablescape

Quick, casual, and virtually foolproof! What’s the secret to a five-minute tablescape?

Bud vases.

Stagger your bud vases with one or two flower varieties in each. Play with height and spacing, add candles as desired, and you’re done!


The Details

  • Choose blooms with different textures, weights, and heights.

  • Keep each bloom within the same range of color so that the group looks intentional.

  • A variety of vase shapes will help lead the way. Ours are made for layering!

  • Intersperse taper candles throughout to further marry your composition.

Why It Works

  • Flexible and low pressure: When entertaining, you can move each element about as needed.

  • Long-lasting: If one of your blooms outlasts another, you can swap stems without starting from scratch.


One More Thing: Candle Safety

If you’re using candles on your table, this is a must.

Always ensure your tapers are very snug in their holders. Especially with hand-dipped candles, there's bound to be some variation in circumference. That may mean you need to shave the base down a little. If the candle wobbles, use some TFS Candle Helper for extra insurance.


Show us what you create! Tag @thefloralsociety and as always, have fun.

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