How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Centerpiece

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Centerpiece

We believe you can’t really say “I do” without the proper flowers. Wedding centerpieces serve as the focal point at each table, where your guests gather to celebrate and enjoy the festivities. But choosing what kind of floral centerpieces to have on your tables can be overwhelming, and requires considering several factors like the wedding style, season, and venue. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the not-so-daunting process (we swear!) of choosing your centerpieces, and give you tips that will help you create a beautiful wedding reception for you and your guests to celebrate your big day. 


    Decide on Your Wedding Style 

    The Floral Society Lush Arrangement

    Start by deciding on the overall style of your wedding. Are you going for classic and formal? Or do you want something clean and modern, or wild and rustic? Do you want to stick to neutrals, or incorporate bright pops of color?  

    The style of your wedding can help you determine if you want large, lush compote centerpieces, or something more minimal, like an ikebana-inspired floral arrangement in a shallow dish. Consider elements like shape and texture, and think about what kind of arrangements will harmonize well with the other components on the table, like the linens, chargers, and candle holders. Learn more about how to pair candle holders in our recent article

    Do Your Research! 

    Before finalizing your table centerpiece choice, gather inspiration from various sources. Browse through wedding magazines, visit wedding websites, and explore social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. Saving images and creating mood boards will help you visualize different centerpiece options and narrow down your preferences. This will also help you down the road in discussions with your florist and event planner to make sure everyone is on the same page! 

    If you are really not sure where to start with research, you can also look at pictures from your venue's previous events or weddings to see what has been done before. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!  

    What are You Going to Wear? 

    We are assuming that at this point in your planning, you already have a wedding dress or know what it will most likely look like. This will influence the flowers you will carry in your bouquet and consequently, if you would like harmonious style, what the flowers will be like at the rest of your venue.  

    The Floral Society Something Blue Centerpiece

    If you are going all out ornate, and your wedding dress is the same, this will help you to narrow down the types of centerpieces you will like. Contrastingly, if your wedding dress is quite simple, yet you are using your flowers to be their own pops of color, we love a “something blue” which just happens to be in the flowers (in the bouquets, huppahs, centerpieces) instead of in something the bride is wearing.

    Consider the Venue and Floor Plan 

    The type of venue is a great determining factor for what kind of wedding centerpieces to have. Large venues with tall ceilings like a ballroom, may require in turn, tall vases which help to create dramatic centerpieces that complement the height and opulence of the space. Contrastingly, an outdoor wedding such as an intimate garden ceremony and reception could have lower, more organic floral arrangements. If your venue is simple and open, like a loft or gallery space, you can add intrigue by having colorful and textural floral centerpieces. In our opinion, a venue with a lot of its own character might look the best with classic, neutral centerpieces, letting the venue speak for itself. 

    The Floral Society Lux Centerpiece

    Similarly, the shapes and layout of the tables can act as a guide for your centerpieces. If your guests are at circular tables, we recommend a low bowl or compote arrangement that allows for easy conversation across the table. If you have long tables, consider clusters of bud vases, or small pin-frog arrangements and taper candles along the center.  

    Think About the Season 

     The Floral Society Black and White Centerpiece

    Take inspiration from the season in which your wedding takes place. Incorporate seasonal flowers, foliage, and fruits, and think about the colors that reflect the time of year of your wedding. For spring and summer, consider having seasonal flowers with more vibrant patterned linens or colored taper candles. In the fall and winter, lean into muted tones and interesting textures, like dried florals in a clay bud vase, or ribbed pillar candles. 

    Also make sure that if you have a specific bloom in mind that you would like to include in your centerpieces or bouquets that it will be in season! Your florist will be an amazing resource for any questions about what will be available. 

    Bring in the Personal Element to Your Wedding Centerpiece

    The Floral Society Frog Arrangement

    Your wedding should be a reflection of your style as a couple. Think about what resonates with both of you, and incorporate them into the centerpiece designs. If you have a favorite color or flower you could try a single-ingredient arrangement in a flower frog vase highlighted as a bar arrangement or cocktail table arrangement. Or, perhaps if you love cooking or gardening together, you could line the tables with small planters of fresh herbs to highlight your shared hobbies. Your table centerpieces are an opportunity to add your unique touch to the wedding, and make it a special, memorable celebration. 

    Work With a Florist or Event Designer 

    Seek guidance from experienced florists or wedding planners who can guide you through the process. Wedding professionals have experience with many different wedding styles and venues. They have valuable insight into flower seasonality and durability and can make recommendations on wedding centerpieces based on your particular venue, style, and preferences.  

    Reuse and Recycle those Flowers! 

    The Floral Society Small Wedding Bouquet

    Centerpieces have endless opportunities to be used during the wedding and after. We have seen aisle arrangements for the ceremony be used later on for arrangements at the bar, cocktail hour, or after party!  

    As the sight of your beautiful blooms in a garbage is something no one wants to see, we have a few much-preferred alternatives! You can donate flowers to a nursing home, care facility or shelter so others may benefit from their beauty as well. Or, we have also seen some weddings where centerpiece flowers are made into little bouquets during the after party for guests to take home. Never be afraid to ask your florist, planner, or venue what is possible! 


    Designing your wedding reception, and choosing the table centerpieces, is an opportunity to expand any wedding style into a reality and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. By considering your wedding style, venue, season, and your own style and interests, you can choose wedding centerpieces that create an inviting atmosphere and unforgettable evening. For other centerpiece and floral inspiration see below! 


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