A couple months ago, we made some cuttings of our favorite plants and placed them in glass vessels. While it was satisfying to watch the roots take form and grow each day, we soon realized it was time to transfer the rooted cutting to a planter.

Our Essential Ceramic Planter is perfect for propagating and was designed in collaboration with Grandmont Street with this exact purpose in mind. Keep in mind, if a pot is too big for the root system, the roots may have a hard time retaining all the water. We also always recommend planters with drainage holes for a healthy plant, and a tray to keep things tidy!

Follow along for a tutorial on how to transplant your plant cuttings.

What you’ll need:

1. First, place a few inches of soil in the planter, about 1-2 inches


2. Gently remove the rooted cutting from your glass vessel, be careful not to break any roots if there is a narrow opening!

3. Place the cutting in the center of the planter, and cover the roots with soil, leaving some space on the top of the vessel.

4. Water the plant until you see a little water come out of the drainage holes and into tray.

5. Place the planter in an area of your home that provides the best light for your specific plant. Check on your plant by touching the soil, until the roots are developed more robustly, you’ll want to keep the soil moist but not constantly saturated with water.

Enjoy your new houseplant!

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