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Garden-Style Bouquet Inspiration

Inspiration for your summertime bouquet. Just-picked or garden-style bouquets have a looseness and spontaneity to them. They often mix leafy branches with a variety of textures, large face flowers...
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TFS Guide: Spring Blooms

Our favorite time of year has arrived — spring. Typically, we rush off to the flower market or to Blue Hill to cut some blooms. Let our favorite spring blooms offer some inspiration! Reach out to ...
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Style Guide: Floral Arrangements

We love experimenting with approaches to floral design.Scroll through for a few of our favorites. Photos by Jen Huang Style No. 1: IKEBANA Ikebana is the Japanese art of floral arranging or “mak...
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TFS Tips: Indoor Plants

As with flowers, humans do make emotional connections with plants. We have a natural instinct to care for them. When they thrive, we feel proud and honored – and in awe of their beauty. A rainy aft...
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A Quick Arrangement for the Soul

I can only go so long without flowers, I’ve realized. When I reached that limit this week, I ordered some blooms from The Floral Reserve. Their arrival was a tangible shift. Arranging these blooms,...
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TFS Tips: Centerpiece Setup

It feels so good to spend the afternoon arranging blooms. When creating an arrangement of this size, proper vase setup is crucial.   Vase Setup 101 This part isn’t glamorous, but so essential! Doi...
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Reusable & Compostable Gift Wrapping

We choose our packing materials for sustainability and function. Recycled, recyclable, and compostable. Tissue, kraft paper, and cardboard. (If you get packing peanuts in your order, those are nat...
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